Welcome to Hellenic Golf South Africa

Hellenic Golf South Africa (previously known as Greek Golf) started many decades ago when a few Greek golfers decided to arrange social games amongst themselves, extending invitations to other golfers who may have been of Greek origin. As golf became more popular and accessible, more and more Greek golfers participated in these golfing events. With time, committees were established to ensure the proper running of these events and, ultimately, it was recognized that there was a need for an annual Championship. So, what had started as a humble social gathering of a few Greek golfers has culminated into an auspicious Championship which is an event that, now, occurs on an annual basis.

The annual Hellenic Golf SA Championship attracts golfers of Greek origin or golfers married to Greek spouses to enter and compete in an event that is arguably the biggest assembly of Greek golfers nationally and, ultimately, determines the champion Greek golfer of the year. Golfers are not only attracted from the Gauteng area, but, also, from Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Cape Town, etc., and, in the past, there has, also, been representation from the Hellenic Federation of Golf from Greece.

Whilst the Championship is a serious event, it is not limited to the skillful golfer only. Provision is made for three divisions, in which the golfers may participate and this is determined by the golfer’s official handicap. The aim has been, and remains, participation and social interaction amongst the Greek golfers.

The most recent Championships have proved to be extremely successful and well supported. The keen interest exhibited by the Greek golfers, together with sponsorship which is secured on an annual basis, have made the annual Championship a very popular event amongst the Greek golfers.

The sponsors themselves have recognized that the annual Championship is a great platform to expose themselves to the Greek golfers and the Greek community at large. In recent times, there has been a situation where a sponsor requested sole exclusivity of the event which was utilized to market and advertise itself to the Greek community. The event is of such magnitude that it, also, receives exposure in the Greek press and similar publications. This is one of the reasons that it is seen as an ideal marketing opportunity.

Hellenic Golf South Africa does, also, have a” social conscience” and has, from any surplus proceeds which it has accumulated, assisted with charities, within the Greek community, which were identified as being worthy. There has, in addition, been a recognition that there are a number of young Greek golfers with potential to reach great heights, including playing the game at a professional level. It is the aim of Hellenic Golf SA to try and encourage and assist such youngsters in attaining their dreams and at the same time never forgetting their Greek heritage and identity.

The Hellenic Golf SA Annual Championship has become the flagship event amongst the Greek golfers and with the interests which it generates, it is expected that the event will become even larger with the progression of time.