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of blood, looking faint trace of a pale color points, but more, it is a hot minute, the original three-color lotus fire, and can not do nothing eight stars were, but now ‘it is already enough, which means that in the future, to deal with this level of other strong, he is Duoliaoyifen means. ‘Tang Zhen Xiao Yan turned, smiled, the sound becomes some kind. ‘Since Wu Chen has lost, so by convention, Skyfire Sanxuan change, and also the return of all of you.’ Christine prepare you. ’1035th chapter arcane tradition Tang Zhen
hear the remark, Xiao Yan heart is relieved,Coach Outlet, JL also surfaced face can not hide the touch of joy, facing former solemn a Baoquan,Coach Outlet Online, said: ‘! Thank you Don Guzhu the’
Tang Zhen waved,Cheap Coach, said:. ‘It depends entirely on your own skill only, this touches on the old lady to help very small’ test of the ten rounds, is almost entirely by virtue of their ability to spend Xiao-yan, said Indeed, he really did not help anything.
‘Don Guzhu polite,Coach Outlet Store, if not for your sake,Coach Factory Outlet, but even this test is not exist.’ Xiao Yan smile, for Don shock, he did feel good, this person an unfathomable strength, but the screen is not the slightest respect for fighting have strong aloof than thunder storms Venerable Court simply can be counted as approachable.
Tang Zhen smiled, nor with Xiao Yan in it argued, tilted his head, eyes look to the hall before the two elders, faint: ‘The two elders, Xiao Yan can be considered now test passed, you still matter What to say? ‘Words, two elders is smile a cry, immediately sighed and nodded his head, said: ‘Since Xiao Yan passed the test in accordance with the agreement, then the wife is naturally not say anything, everything will depend Guzhu mean. ‘
see this two elders did not say anything, Tang Zhen face is a little slow,Coach Outlet, looked around at the sight,